We Accept Cash or In-State Personal Checks Only!



These TIPS are more for novices just getting into the "hunt."

Tips and suggestions to make the visits more enjoyable for buyers and sellers,
and for bidders and the auctioneers at auctions.  

Bid Tips:  

Observe An Auction: 

We invite you to come to one of our auctions just to watch. This will be an entertaining exercise and excellent learning experience! 

Ask Questions: 
Our auctioneer and staff are very helpful to beginners. Ask about payment options, whether they take cash, a check or a credit card. If they take a check find out who to make it out to before you get in line. Have your check all filled out before you get up there with everything on it except the price. This will save a lot of time and not make other people wait on you in line.  

Preview Items : 
Take advantage of preview hours. Most auctions open before a sale to give you time to sift through box lots and view table items. Double-check contents before bidding. You are ultimately responsible for knowing the condition and contents of items you are bidding on. Make sure the item you buy is what you planned on. 

Do not Bid against Yourself or your Mate:
It is not uncommon to see novices bid against themselves, or for couples to bid against each other  Nod "No" when Dropping out of the Bidding: If you are in the heat of bidding then decide to drop out, nodding quickens the end of that sale.

Don't Lose your Bidding Number:
Purchases made with your number are your responsibility. If you lose it, tell the auction clerk and the auctioner between him selling another item. Get a new number immediately. 

Know The Terms: 
Terms of each auction company are posted or included in brochures. Become familiar with them. If you're buying large items, when do they need to be picked up. Get this information during the preview period, and if you're not sure - Ask.  

Raise your bid card: 
To be seen initially by the auctioneer is important. We would recommend using your bid card as they are more visible. Once you are sure the auctioneer has your initial bid, they will look back to you and you can bid with a simple nod, or continue to use your bid card or a simple raise of the hand. Make sure the auctioneer can see you bid, if by chance he doesn't then yell out, make yourself noticeable to him. It's hard to keep an eye on everyone as hard as they try they could miss you. So don't be afraid to speak up.  

Keep an eye on your items: 
Once the items is sold and delivered or set back down, it is the buyers responsibility. If someone steals your item after you have purchased it, you are responsible for it.  

Finalize Your Purchases: 
Allow enough time for the clerk to write down your item and for it to get handed over to the cashier. Usually on the clerking sheets there are about 14 items that can be sold then taken to the cashier. Then you can go up and pay for your item. Or, as most of the people do, they will wait until towards the end of the auction and pay for everything all at once. If the auction has concluded, you should finalize your payment prior to packing and removing items from the premisses.  

For outdoor auctions: 
Bring a lawn chair and dress warm. Make sure you have directions to the auction and leave early enough for a wrong turn and plenty of time to preview. Most on-site auctions will have concessions available. The more comfortable you are the more you'll enjoy the auction! 

Have something to sell? Let us know and will tell you how auction
might be the solution. Quality consignments are always welcome!!